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A garment sourcing company based in Tirupur, INDIA,. We believe that every detail

is part of the solution. Therefore, we propose the most suitable factory and production option for our clients

and brands, following every step of product development very closely.

We breath Fashion

Fashion sourcing is our DNA.

We are Makers

where every details is part of the solution.

All Around the World

Creating clothes for over 10 years,from India to the World.

Tailored Solutions
Close Business Partners
Trusted Suppliers


CP  is a creative sourcing powerhouse. It provides support for Design, production, continuous training, shared knowledge between creative teams and the factory floor’s daily work. The purpose is to deliver the best products imagination can bring and hard work can make.

As an apparel sourcing company, CP  is 10 years old. It has experienced workers on the apparel industry,  working on the field. From Tirupur, India, to the world, a specialized team works, hand in hand with global apparel sustainable supply chain.

Each step of product development benefits from a close follow up so that everything is in place and runs smoothy.

Our Story

CP was created in 2012  by an expert team.Designed to cover all phases of the textile sourcing and manufacturing process, CP started with a single brand and has not stopped increasing its customer base, who now includes clients from all over the globe. The company has been following the markets’ evolution and has clients who lead various segments with the aid of the company’s creativity, agility and innovation. However, what truly inspires us is knowing that, through our products, we are a part of almost everyone’s lives.

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