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How do we support our customers..

"Calendula Park" We are an apparel sourcing company with a global clientele base, servicing businesses that care about quality and efficiency. By thoroughly understanding your commercial objective we provide highly commendable service by being seamless, efficient and effective sourcing partner for retail brands, Importers, and Stores. Quality & Efficiency are at the cornerstone of our business and now we offer those same advantages to your business. Calendula Park has stringent quality control protocols in place to ensure that production quality stays high for the consumers’ benefit, and apparel manufacturing costs stay low for your benefit

Pre Order Support:
^ Material Sourcing.
Product Development.
^ Salesman Sample Development.
^ Supplier Screening & Selection-
^ Supplier Development.

Product Development

When you trust us to be your new product development partner, all of your apparel product development needs can be filled by the best resource. Our apparel product development department specializes in tuning into trends, listening to the ideas of clients, and sharing expertise to take ideas from the page and bring them to life. They can expertly help your business turn out new product as often as needed, so you never miss another deadline from your retail clients.

By utilizing the expertise of our apparel product development teams and the vastness of our sourcing network, you can have the critical access you need to turn your ideas into new revenue streams for your business, year after year.

Whether you need apparel manufacturers, denim jeans manufacturers or accessories manufacturers.We can help you turn your visions into product development concepts quickly and affordably.


Let our apparel product development department help you move your ideas closer to reality, well in advance of your deadline.

New Product Proto sample development Lead time: 2 Weeks 

As your business grows, so grows the demand for new products. Retailers expect each new collection to be seasonal, on trend and a unique contribution to their brand. And the more consumers you have to satisfy, the more challenging it can be to stay on top of the latest trends.

Calendula Park, has a solution, puts the pieces together to bring your vision to life. Let our apparel product development department help you move your ideas closer to reality, well in advance of your deadline.

our clients benefit from our many long-term supplier relationships and close ties with manufacturers who are willing and able to help you make best the buying decisions.

New Product Sales Man Sample development Lead time: 4 Weeks 

Bulk Production & Quality Standard

​Our team Co ordinate with the manufacturing unit to take your ideas from paper to our production line, and do it in lockstep with your scheduling demands. That way, you are never waiting on an order – and more importantly, neither are your clients. Lots of apparel manufacturers can produce your clothing, but Calendula Park make sure that our supplier does it without sacrificing on the quality that you and your clients deserve. We have a series of inspections in place in all of our global facilities, which ensures that each product is without flaw before it leaves our hands. That’s a promise we as an apparel sourcing company can make.

Pre-production inspection – This allows us to eliminate any potential setbacks and identify issues prior to production, so we can rectify those quickly and efficiently before production begins.

Mid-production inspection – Our random, mid-production inspection ensures that the quality of the goods is maintained throughout the production cycle (cutting, dying, sewing, finishing and washing) and that the production schedule is being followed.

Final inspection – This is a random inspection hours prior to completion of production. It confirms final quantity and quality.

The entire process takes place with our clients deadlines in mind, so that we provide short lead times that deliver the product on time.

This is something that few apparel sourcing companies can provide that.

Logistics Support

Calendula Park, shares transportation guidance with all the relevant information on dispatch to make smooth delivery.


Extending logistics support by managing all the records regarding the transportation of that particular Cargo. We make sure that prior approval is been taken from the customer and ensure that the vendor posses the appropriate records.

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